The Bishop Anstey High School

(St. Hilary's)

About The Bishop Anstey High School

When you educate a girl, you educate a community.


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Codes of Conduct and admission procedures below.



All artwork done by students of The Bishop Anstey High School (St. Hilary's).


Our Vision

The Bishop Anstey High School (St. Hilary's) is a rigorous, yet stimulating and supportive learning environment for girls.
The Bishop Anstey High School empowers every student to achieve harmony through the full development of her intellectual, spiritual and physical potential.
The Bishop Anstey High School produces women capable of managing and leading change, dedicated to community service, and representing the model of good citizenship.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bishop Anstey High School is to provide quality education, building on the Anstey tradition of imparting knowledge, skills and values.

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Girls' education is the single best investment that any society can make.


Student Information

Core Values for Students

Loyalty to school and country
Respect for all

Core Values for Teachers


Code of Conduct

We, the students of The Bishop Anstey High School, want to grow into the best persons that we can be, by the full development of our academic, personal, emotional, spiritual, social, interpersonal and physical skills.

When we leave BAHS, we hope to be:
confident - assertive - disciplined - well rounded - articulate - well qualified - caring - resourceful - sincere - friendly - mature - adaptable - motivated - sensitive - reliable - organized - creative - academically successful - service oriented.

When we leave BAHS, we hope to have:
Initiative - integrity - a good sense of values - a good sense of humour - a strong spiritual base - community spirit - left the School in some way better than we found it.

We look forward, with confidence, to becoming young women who:
- are prepared for leadership in a rapidly changing world;
- have a contribution to make to the betterment of our world;
- accept responsibility for our own welfare and wellness;
- are ready to make a successful transition into the next phase of our education or into the world of work;
- understand fully our motto "Non Sine Pulvere Palmam" and our debt of gratitude to our School.


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Average Student Tenure

Ordinary Level: 5 years, Forms I - V
CSEC Examinations (Form V)

Advanced Level: 7 years, Forms I - VI
CAPE Examinations (Form VI)

Admission Into The Bishop Anstey High School (St. Hilary's)

Students enter Form I on the basis of their grades from the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination, which is organized and adjudicated by the Ministry of Education in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) Examination is used to facilitate the placement of students in Secondary Schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The SEA comprises three papers in the subjects of Creative Writing, Mathematics, and Language Arts. It covers the national curriculum for Primary-level education with a focus on Standards 3-5.
(Source: Ministry of Education of Trinidad & Tobago)

Incoming students are divided into three (3) classes according to the alphabetical order of their surnames. We do not stream our students by ability at any stage of their attendance at our School. In adherence to the Ministry of Education's Requirements, The Bishop Anstey High School follows the Secondary Education Modernisation Programme (SEMP) Curriculum from Forms 1 to 3.

During their fourth and fifth years, students follow the CSEC syllabus in preparation for the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and University of Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level exams in various subjects, along with a compulsory core of English Language, English Literature and Mathematics.

Constraints of space and staffing limit our intake of students into the Sixth Form (Lower VI and Upper VI) to two (2) classes totaling approximately 60-70 students. As a result, entry into the Sixth form is highly competitive, and is based in part on academic qualifications (students' CXC results and teachers' assessments of their intellectual promise), attendance records, overall conduct, and involvement in school activities.

Our Sixth form students follow an intense and rigorous syllabus in preparation for the Advanced Level CAPE and University of Cambridge GCE exams.


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