The Bishop Anstey High School

(St. Hilary's)

Student Life

School is practice for the future,
and practice makes perfect!


Read about our school's daily schedule, student Houses,
our renowned Choir, and other student activities below.



All artwork done by students of The Bishop Anstey High School (St. Hilary's).



A Typical Day at Bishop Anstey High

7:45am: First Bell rings; students go to their classes and proceed to Hall for Assembly
7:55am: Late Bell rings; Assembly in the Hall
8:10am: Registration by Form Teacher in class
8:25am: Period 1 [each period lasts 55-60 minutes]
9.20am: Period 2

10:20am: BREAK

10:35am: Period 3

11:35am: LUNCH

12:30pm: Warning Bell for end of Lunch
12:35pm: Afternoon Registration
12:45pm: Period 4
1:40pm: Period 5
2:35pm: Notices, Prayers, Dismissal


Student Houses

The Bishop Anstey High School student body is divided into six groups or houses:
Cerro Aripo (Green)
Chancellor (Red)
Cumberland (Orange)
El Tucuche (Purple)
Trinity (Blue)

They are named after the main mountains in Trinidad and Tobago, and they represent the peaks of achievement to which our students aspire.

Each House has a Captain and Prefects, and is assisted by a teacher. We encourage our students to join various House activities; these include competitive sports, our Annual Bazaar, and Carnival activities.

The House system provides worthwhile opportunities for our students to interact across different year groups, to be involved in various extra-curricular activities, and to gain invaluable leadership training. We ask students to become active House members and to wear their House badge [available at the school office] with pride.

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Girls' education is the single best investment that any society can make.




The Bishop Anstey High School is well known for its musical achievements. Over the years, we have had several very successful choirs and individuals, at both junior and senior levels, who sing folk, traditional and religious songs and calypsoes.

In 2001, we enjoyed many outstanding successes at the National Music Festival, winning the T.M.A. Shield for Champion School Choir, the Marionettes' Cup for Best Choir and the Prime Minister's Challenge Trophy for the best School Choir, together with many winners in individual and duet classes, both singing and instrumental.

Whenever possible, we actively encourage our more experienced musicians to assist those who are starting to sing or to play an instrument. In addition, music appreciation and the teaching of musical skills are included in the formal music lessons.


We give our students the opportunity to participate in such sports as
swimming, and

Of course, we always welcome assistance from any parents, guardians, alumni or private citizens with regard to student instruction and training in these and other sports.

If you have any experience and/or training in any sports, and you're interested in volunteering a little of your time and/or expertise to help train and empower our students, please contact us at 285-9199.


Church Services

Bishop Anstey High School is an Anglican institution and, as such, we expect our students to play as full a part as possible in the religious life of the School.

Our School Chapel forms the focus of our spiritual life, and is available to individual members of staff, students, and groups for prayer, meditation and quiet reflection.

The Right Revd Claude Berkley, Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago and our School Chaplain, is also a member of our teaching staff. Communion Service, led by The Right Revd Berkley, is held once per term for each year group. He also conducts Confirmation classes and regular Morning Assemblies.

Other Activities

Space does not permit us to give detailed information on all the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities available. Our students participate in group activities like the President's Award Scheme and the Royal Bank Young Leaders Competition. They also frequently enter art and essay competitions, debating and public speaking contests, the Mathematics Olympiad and quizzes and games organized by the Business community; in all of these, our students have distinguished themselves.

We need your help to further broaden the range of pursuits in which our students may engage themselves. We would warmly welcome any assistance you are willing to offer with any of the current activities or in starting something new in the fields of arts and crafts, Chess, Monopoly and outdoor activities such as hiking.


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