The Bishop Anstey High School (St. Hilary's)

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  • Bishop Anstey High School Football Team - North Zone Champs

    01. Congratulations to our Football Team, the North Zone Champions for 2013!

    The Bishop Anstey High School Football team is the North Zone Football Champion for 2013!
    Congratulations to our girls!

    To view a slideshow of our girls in action, click here!

  • Bishop Anstey High School Dragon Boat team-mates

    02. Congratulations to the Bishop Anstey High School Dragon Boat Team!

    The BAHS Dragons competed in several competitions this year, and placed 1st in the Excellent Stores/High Sierra Inter-School Regatta in October 2013! To view photos from the different Dragon Boat competitions, click here.

  • 6th form student Adeisha Pereira, Powergen Golden Jubilee Art Competition finalist

    03. Bishop Anstey High School student art on Powergen display!

    Sixth form student Adeisha Pereira, finalist in the Powergen Golden Jubilee Art Competition 2012, poses in front of her artpiece on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain! Congratulations! To view her and other girls' art work, click on the Form 6 Art slideshow here.

  • Bishop Anstey High School girls entertaining mothers at the Mother's Day Concert

    04. Support the Bishop Anstey High School (St. Hilary's) Choir!

    Congratulations and Best Wishes to our Choir for touring South Africa during the summer of 2013, and for participating in the production of Encore-Live from Broadway! To read more about the Encore-Live from Broadway performances, click here! To read more about the Choir's tour of South Africa, click here!

    Niekisha Sorias won a Gold medal in
    the Pan American games in Mexico!

    BAHS Choir to perform in
    Encore-Live from Broadway!

    Click here for more details.


    BAHS Choir perform in South Africa!

    Click here for more details.
    Excellent Stores/High Sierra
    Inter-School Regatta 2013
    All Female Final 200M - Standard
    1st - Bishop Anstey High School 0:54:4
    (Inner Lane)
    2nd - St. Joseph Convent POS 0:57:1
    (Middle Lane)
    3rd - Holy Name Convent 0:58:5
    (Outer Lane)

    View this event's photo slideshow here.
    Secondary Schools Football League

    BAHS-Holy Name: 2-0, 2-0
    BAHS-Providence: 1-0, 1-1
    BAHS-St. Francois: 0-1, 1-0
    BAHS-Tranquility: 2-1, 1-0
    BAHS-St. Joseph Convent: 3-0, 2-4
    Secondary Schools Big 5:
    BAHS-St. Augustine: 0-7
    Secondary Schools Intercol:
    BAHS-El Dorado: 2-0
    BAHS-Toco: 0-1

  • A message from
    The Right Revd Claude Berkley
    Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago

    Welcome to the epic that is The Bishop Anstey High School (BAHS), a concept of the visionary Bishop Arthur Henry Anstey established in 1921. The Bishop intended to make heroes of the ‘other girls,’ (girls from a wider cross section of society than was the norm at that time) enabling them to tell their stories, while exuding a character that was dignified and confident. True to the Anglican ethos, the school offers an environment of inclusiveness, scholarly enquiry, tolerance, and pride in self identity, history and religion. The creation of BAHS equated a strong statement from the Anglican Church encompassing not only the importance of education but a much needed focus on women’s education and personal development. Needless to say, generations of BAHS girls have carried themselves in a manner representative of the high ideals of the School.

    Over the years, the school has continued to evolve in its importance, as an educational institution and a major contributor to national development. The strong focus on the development of the individual is sustained by the school’s passionate involvement in several extracurricular activities; ranging from several areas of sport to the arts of singing, dance and the creative arts. The school’s motto “non sine pulvere palman” (translated as “not without dust the palm”) is a message of the necessity of struggle on the path towards excellence; a motto that not only speaks to the Anglican Church’s own struggles and triumphs, but the struggles and triumphs of our nation as a whole.

    Here is an open invitation to an institution with a strong culture of positive human development of our nation’s young women. In this loving, caring and worshiping community, girls are nurtured to Godliness and good learning and exhibit honesty, integrity, mutual respect, discipline and a sense of responsibility, as a natural expression of their character. Moreover, all girls are encouraged to adopt a culture of selfless service to humanity in keeping with the high ideals of the Hilarian tradition. Come and enrich this great experience of excellence, creativity and dynamism, ‘where no goblin nor foul fiend can daunt her spirit.’ "Non sine pulvere palman."

    A message from
    Ms. Patsy-Ann Rudder
    The Principal of The Bishop Anstey High School

    A warm welcome to students, teachers, parents, past pupils and well wishers of The Bishop Anstey High School. We are a supportive learning environment with a strong focus on excellence in academic and co-curricular activities. We excel in the arts, music and sports. Our girls receive a sound academic education through very dedicated teachers. We challenge our girls to be the best that they can be by exposing them to a rigorous curriculum. We have had a rich history and are known for producing global citizens and women of worth who lead in every sphere of life.

    Visit our website to be advised of upcoming school events, school policy, and achievements. Experience the rich culture of our school that is 91 years old. We hope that through our website we will be able to communicate more effectively with all our stakeholders.

    We are a unique mix of academic excellence, tradition, culture, creativity and leadership that contributes to the development of the well rounded, independent and assertive young woman known as the "Hilarian".